Givi V35 Pair of Side-Cases with Black Embossed and Red Reflectors

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To maximize the space of your motorbike having a comfortable trip, the pair of rigid bags, positioned on either side of the frame, is the preferred solution by motorcyclists.


* Material: black ABS

* Maximum capacity: 10 kg

* Volume in liters: 35

* Measures in cm (width x height x depth): 526x394x316

* Suitable for every need, without sacrificing security, quality of materials and design.

* With the popular MONOKEY locking system

* Patented from Givi and which is different from any other for its reliability through time and the manufacturing process which makes it right to bear any sort of stress.

* At customer’s disposal we have the classic E41 Keyless with access panel on the cover.

* A pair of compact and streamlined cases.

* Currently the only ones to use the innovative Monokey side fastening system.


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