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Bungee Extension (2020)

AED 139.00

Always use an extension to your regular tow rope to reduce stress on both your towables and boat! A 3ft (0.91m) mainline, 1 section to adjust the length of the rope that can carry up to 4100LBS (4 persons), you are free to go. Break strength: 4100lbs | 1860kg Length: 3ft | 0,9m Reduces stress on the tow point Always use an extension to your regular..


Magnum Bridle

AED 107.00

This bridle with ultra strong carabiners is ideal for watersleds and multi-person towables...


Towrope 4p Red (2020)

AED 233.33

Our super strong tow ropes are engineered to pull big 3 and 4 rider tubes up to 1882 KG! It has a unique and notable pattern and a rope keeper for tangle-free storage. Break strength: 4150 lbs | 1882 kg. Floating mainline. Length: 55ft | 16,8m. Super strong tow ropes...

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