OWNER JIGHEAD 11681 JH-86 1.5G

OWNER JIGHEAD 11681 JH-86 1.5G

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Jig heads of the Owner 11681 JH-86 X-Head series have a number of design features that significantly expand their scope of application. The original, in the form of a miniature iron, the shape of the body significantly increases the "penetrating" ability of the head in comparison with conventional spherical counterparts, so this model will be very useful when fishing in "strong" places: on a rocky and cluttered bottom, in a snag, among the grass ... The head provides two points of attachment to the line, and as a result, and two scenarios of behavior during wiring - both when reeling and when falling. And, finally, a small, but significant bonus: a clamp with a protruding antenna on the forend of the hook, which securely fixes the silicone bait and prevents it from sliding off the hook when it meets an obstacle or when it bites

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